June 2-6, 2018, Chania, Crete, GREECE

Social Program - Terra Creta

Terra Creta S.A.


Terra Creta S.A. was founded in early 2001 and is located at the region of Kolymvari, approximately 26 km distance from the city of Chania.

Terra Creta S.A.

One of the first products produced by the company was the PDO Kolymvari Chania Crete Extra Virgin Olive Oil.  This legendary olive oil has been recognized over the world and since their inception in 2001, the products have been recognized and awarded top prizes for their superb taste and aroma in more than eight International and Greek tasting competitions.

The state-of-the-art production facilities are equipped with the most modern production lines, high capacity stainless steel tanks, and one of the most advanced olive mills available.  Committed to producing products of unsurpassed quality while adhering to the strictest international safety and cleanliness standards to ensure the complete satisfaction of our customers.

Terra Creta S.A. Become an expert in olive oil flavours and aroma,   after a guided tasting of extra virgin olive oil and of different quality categories (Extra Virgin, Extra virgin PDO Kolymvari, Extra Virgin Organic /BIO).

The guided tour starts from our olive grove and the excellent olive trees of "Koroneiki" variety where a harvesting demo can be seen as well. 
Then continue in their innovative olive mill where all production steps and details are described thoroughly by experts. The last part is inside the bottling unit, where one can taste more than three different extra virgin olive oils, of different quality category or certification. Little secrets on storage, best use and healthy attributes can be discussed as well. 

The duration of the tour is between 30 to 60 minutes, depending on the tour level, and is in English language.


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